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Our Team is used to doing a lot with a little, we stretch the dollar in our communities very far. There is no other art event or project in the Tampa Bay Area with such a vast reach in benefits. If there is any art event to invest in for brands, individuals and corporations in Tampa this is it. That is a bold statement but we can back it up!

Media Reach:

  • Our media reach is Worldwide, through a network of world-famous artists, as well as regional and local favorites. Just check out this recap video from Long Beach, and Denver, two amazing festivals that just happened back to back, wouldn’t you love to have your brand attached to media that everyone was excited about?
  • We customize media content for our presenting media sponsors.

High Value Placemaking Projects

  • Placemaking Projects make people happy, our partners are paired with projects that bring joy, and creative economic development to the Tampa Bay Area. This builds continuous positive brand awareness.
  • Through our Alley to Gallery program managed by CLRTY Agency, we revitalize usable areas that are underutilized, and create walking and biking paths that connect neighbors and neighborhoods.
  • We advocate for use of underutilized buildings for Arts purposes, creating an incubator platform for art studio space (which Tampa has a shortage of), and musician practice space, as well as pop-up event space.

Thank you to our Past Supporters:

We offer many opportunities for marketing partnerships with brands large and small. Our initiatives are focused on uplifting the Arts, small businesses, and our communities. Our programs inspire the youth of our communities to know that they can tap into their full creative potential. We partner with poets, musicians, technology innovators, animators, photographers, videographers, and filmmakers, as well as amazing event coordinators that create memorable experiences. Please get in touch with us by filling out this form or emailing us. View our current sponsorship packages across multiple events that help to build and inspire our arts community.