Volunteer for 2022 & 2023

If you love art, there are many ways to help out during the festival. Run food to artists, make a paint run, or help with the many activations and events that take place during the festival.
See where you can help!

Small Donations

We accept small donations through our non-profit partner Current Initiatives. We have aligned our mission with many sponsors and non-profits to create amazing programming for the Tampa Bay Area in the arts. Please hit the button below to make a small donation. Your support goes a long way.
Donate Now

Become a Sponsor

The word sponsor makes the most sense, but we actually pair with brands of all sizes to create marketing plans that reach our audience. Our team works with CLRTY Agency and WAVS.STUDIO to partner with brands to a direct audience. Our programs are fine-tuned to the brands we work with, and if you want to contribute as an individual, that is ok also. Please visit our sponsorship page to see how we can help each other! The producers of this festival have multiple paired opportunities that place a focus on artists, musicians, small business, and inspiring our communities. 
Sponsorship and marketing
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