about tampa walls

Tampa Walls! is a grassroots mural festival organization that has beautified and culturally enriched Tampa neighborhoods with over 7 new public murals since 2022.

A part of the World Wide Walls (formerly Pow Wow!) mural festival network started by Jasper Wong, Tampa Walls aims to put the city of Tampa on par with these interconnected, highly acclaimed national and international mural festivals.

Tampa Walls’ goal is to enrich the culture of mural art in the city of Tampa by hosting annual mural festivals that bring local, national and international mural artists together to create their work within a week.  Within that time, the artists will bring their talents to the city and commune together to create masterful works in public spaces.  We believe in curating walls that artists can deliver outstanding work on with complete creative freedom.  In this way, we believe Tampa Walls will enrich the culture of the city by championing authentic, original art by some of the world’s best mural artists.

Alongside creating beautiful works on walls, Tampa Walls is passionate about engaging the community through events and volunteer opportunities.  Events pre-during and post festival specifically targeted towards the Tampa community will be activated to offer an experience to the public outside of simply watching the walls be painted.  Integrating the community in our efforts and providing enrichment and joy every step of the way is integral to our festival.

We are happy to offer volunteer opportunities for the community, including youth volunteer opportunities, in order for the community to have hands on experience being involved in Tampa Walls.  We are proud of our city, and want the community to be involved in making their city awesome, too.  In an ever changing and growing Tampa, we believe activating the community in these efforts directly is essential.

When it comes to opportunities for our sponsors, we understand the marketing needs of our partners.  We strive to align with brands who see the value in the arts, in artists, and having these creatives involved as Tampa grows and accommodates changing identities in almost every neighborhood.  Our partners are at the forefront of our marketing efforts, and with their help, we are able to deliver world class art to the Tampa scene.  Plaquing systems ensure the art, artist, and our partners are properly recognized alongside the work for years to come.




Tony Krol has been the curator of Mergeculture Gallery in Tampa since 2017 and CEO of CLRTY Agency since 2022.  

Within the last decade, he has painted over a dozen public murals in the Tampa Bay area under the moniker, Illsol.

Krol uses his rich knowledge of new contemporary and post graffiti art movements to curate spaces and build connections between artists, the community, developers and municipalities alike to make the Tampa Walls vision come to life. 

www.tonykrol.com / www.mergeculture.com / www.illsol.com / www.clrty.co





Hannah Lorra is a professional artist since 2020, and has been painting murals since 2022.

Hannah uses her knowledge of User Experience (UX) Design to help deliver exemplary experiences for the community and artists involved in Tampa Walls.  She consults and helps deliver digital deliverables, branding, timelines and grassroots marketing materials to promote festivals and coordinate events. 


mila killa

event manager