Janette Berrios

Janette is the Director of Marketing at Symphonic. She focuses on the overall branding and marketing strategy for Symphonic Distribution, as well as coordinates events and promotions for Symphonic both internally and externally. Her marketing and organizational expertise are essential to the Tampa Walls! team.

Test Post

This is a test post for Tampa Walls!

Tampa Walls! Teams up with Current Initiatives: 2022 non-profit Partner.

Tampa Walls! is very rapidly making waves in the Tampa Bay Region, as part of an international series of art festivals that have taken place in over 17 other countries all over the globe since 2010, the festival aims to bring world-class artists to the bay area, and inspire generations to come.

The Tampa Walls! team has partnered with Current Initiatives, a local non-profit whose aim is to improve lives through community action. We believe that art has the ability to inspire change. In an age where art programs are cut from schools, we want to be sure that future generations understand that being an artist can be a fun, and inspiring viable career.

Our mission aligns with Current Initiatives, as they aim to create Hope Dealers in neighborhoods throughout the country, we feel that public art exists to do the same.

Our non-profit partner allows donors a way to donate to our cause, while also having double the impact in alignment with Current Initiatives, in our communities. If you want to get involved in the 2022 inaugural festival, please get in touch with us!