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About Tampa Walls!

Originating in Hawaii in 2010 as POW! WOW! Worldwide, Worldwide Walls festivals take place in over 17 cities around the world. Pow Wow Worldwide was conceptualized and started by artist Jasper Wong. In 2019, the director of Mergeculture gallery and other community leaders reached out to the Pow Wow! team and saw an opportunity for Tampa. With the unique challenges of the Tampa Bay art community and the collaborative spirit that Worldwide Walls events require to cultivate success, the time for the first festival was ripe in 2022. A community of artists, curators and professionals came together to bring the movement to Tampa to enhance the inspirational opportunities for public art in Hillsborough County, and our region. Tampa Wall! has the support of these major entities and organizations: 

• The City of Tampa

• Tampa Art Alliance 

• St. Pete Art Alliance 

• The Tampa Downtown Partnership

• Westshore Alliance

+ many other private and public organizations. 

Objectives and Goals:
Our goal is to inspire communities through public art, to collaborate with businesses, corporations, private residents, building owners, neighborhood associations, schools, and other combinations of the shared love for creating inspiring places to live and work, by looking at ways to add art to our communities. 

For one week each year, we bring together local and visiting artists to learn about our city and then set them free to turn communities in Tampa into public art galleries available to all. Along with the murals, our festival features live music events, educational programming, artist talks, and more.

We are excited for the opportunities that this initiative brings to Tampa, and look forward to the many years of collaboration between artists and musicians with our communities, and the new ideas that Tampa Walls! inspires. All solutions are creative solutions - Art changes our minds, our communities, and the world. 
Tampa Walls! is a collaborative effort taken on by a volunteer committee who all love the idea of community building through the arts. We are always looking for new volunteers, businesses, and companies to collaborate with. Below, you can learn about the core volunteer team. 

Meet the Team

Ania Amador

Co-Director | artinsession.comArtist | aniaamador.com
Although Ania's art and creative expression take form in a variety of different mediums, painting and public speaking have become the primary focus of her work. Whether Ania is using words or paint, her intention is to illustrate her perception of the connection between the energy people project through their thoughts, words, and feelings, and the physical realities they experience. Each painting becomes a new opportunity for her to bring this message to life, and she invites the universe to guide her in the content and delivery. It is through her personal example and artistic expression that she intends to inspire others to claim the power of their focus and engage in the powerful practice of deliberate creation.

Primarily painting canvas art and large scale murals, Ania finds joy in showcasing her skills live on stage and curating art installations at festivals and events. However, she also shares her passion for Deliberate Creation through public speaking. Ania firmly believes in the idea that if one can envision something in their mind, they can manifest it in their reality, and this is the message she strives to spread through all forms of her art.

Art in Session Inc; Resources for Creatives is committed to providing accessible education and opportunities to artists around the world. Additionally, we serve as a platform for established creators to share their knowledge and experiences with others who aspire to become professionals in their field. Through our expansive online library, workshops, retreats, and large-scale art installations at festivals and events, we are able to provide creators with the tools and hands-on experience they need to thrive.

Janette Berrios

Marketing & Strategy | symphonic.com
Janette is the Head of Corporate Marketing at Symphonic Distribution, an independent music distributor and marketing company. She focuses on the overall branding and marketing strategy for Symphonic Distribution, as well as coordinates events and promotions for Symphonic both internally and externally. Her marketing and organizational expertise are essential to the Tampa Walls! team.

Tony Krol

Director at Mergeculture Gallery and Ame Places Consulting | mergeculture.com
Tony is the director of Mergeculture gallery, a contemporary art space in Tampa Florida that specializes in new contemporary art and graffiti works of the early 1970s and beyond. Krol also is the director of Ame Places, an art placement and consulting firm that specializes in finding spaces for collaboration between artists, architects, and designers. His curatorial work spans a period of 15 years in the contemporary space, highly influenced by the Beatiful Losers movement which blended the worlds of graffiti, contemporary art and skateboarding - mergeculture was conceptualized in the late 1990s but became a gallery space in 2017. 


Ali Norman

Co-Director & Director of Labyrinth Studios & Heightened Senses |  labyrinthtampa.com 
Ali is the director of Labyrinth Studios - a contemporary print making studio in Seminole Heights, Florida that specializes in printing classes, printmaking on vintage equipment, screen printing, and a shop that gives local and international artists an opportunity to share and sell their passion for art making. 

Ali is also the director of Heightened Senses, a non-profit that specializes in collaborative immersive experiences. 



Justin Ricke

Co Director and Sponsorship Strategist | Realtor heightshomestampa.com
Justin Ricke is a community leader, serving on the board of the Tampa Heights Civic Association as well as many other community initiatives. He is an advocate of the arts, and understands the value of placemaking in art, and the ways that art can inspire our communities. 

Justin is also a realtor at Lombardo Realty in Tampa Florida. 

Noah Deledda

Co Director | Artist and Sculptor Noahdeledda.com & Crushmetric
An American artist known for painting, sculpture, printmaking and design with an inclination to divergent approach. His most recent acclaim being sculptures that re-contextualize the ordinary, dented aluminum can with a method that embraces the incidental gestures of disposal.
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